barely a warrior

Eccentric, loving, generous, and a dreamer.
These are my original works of art and literature, and whatever makes me feel better. Or worse.


These are songs that I’d preferably like to have blaring on some fine pressed vinyl, while giving my Britney a workout.

  1. Collective, ‘My Girls.’ If this song doesn’t make you want to get down to the ooey gooey hibbity jibbity, there is clearly something wrong with you.
  2. Ray, ‘Displaced.' I'm usually displaced when my clothes are off. Plus, I'm a little strange. The more depressing something/someone is, the more turned on I am. Try it for your fucking self and tell me it didn't make sex so much better, with musical weeping in the background. For an ultimate depression-induced orgasm variety, add a bit of Bright Eyes & Elliott Smith.
  3. Fischerspooner, ‘The 15th.’ I have totally banged to this song. It may have been seven years ago, and since I’m old this playlist is probably far outdated. However -I would do it again, A+.
  4. Radiohead, ‘House of Cards.’ If you’re lucky enough to get Thom Yorke on my ‘I Will Regret This Tomorrow’ playlist, then I might not be solely using you for your body, I may actually like you. Obvi.
  5., ‘Sail.’ It is so very easy to make fun of, but let’s face it - it is so very easy to become aroused by, also. I cannot listen to this song without wanting to be thrown against a wall and sexually mauled. 

You’re welcome. Go fuck something.

because you’re beautiful.

because you’re beautiful.